“The last day on set was actually a pickup we were doing to complete the end of the first film, so all of the dwarfs were gathered, and we were looking — I don’t know if I can say actually, because it might spoil the ending of the first film, but we were all together, and with such hope. And then it was brilliant, because on the last take, we had a little whisper around the company that we were all going to crash in and give Martin a big group hug. So on the very last take, we all kind of ran and put our arms around Martin, and then Pete ran up onto the set and put his arms around Martin. It was a great moment, and it was moving.”

Richard Armitage talks about the last day on set


And now it’s finally time to leave "I fully put trust in Jogi Löw’s decisions"-country and get back to the second hometown "WHAT THE FUCK PEP I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHAT IS THIS EVEN?!"


AHHH SO CUTE!!! T^T *hyperventilates and flails arms around*

I love them so much😍😍😉 Happy Bday Jared
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